EV 2018 - Happily nEVer After

Once upon a time in a faraway land, a group of adventurous Venturers were exploring The Enchanted Forest.

Not everything in that forest seemed quite right, though...

  • Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard was full to the brim with foo
  • The wicked witch wasn't so wicked
  • The porridge was too cold, too hot and just not tasty
  • The giant beanstalk was only a few metres tall
  • A pocket full of posie was suspected of causing the plague
  • The Duke of York was an optimist
  • The wolf, witch and evil stepmother were victims of bad public relations!
  • And all the King's horsemen and all the King's men enjoyed scrambled eggs

Can it really be 'happily ever after' in the fairytales? Or is it happily nEVer after?

Make your way through the upside down world of twisted fairytales and muddle nursery rhymes to find out.


Themed costume ideas

Does your team need ideas for theme? Remember, anything that is related to the fairytales and nursery rhymes is in-theme for 2017. Particularly if you can twist in some way!

Some of the best costumes we've seen have been some of the simplest. Make sure that you can hike easily in your costume - that is that you don't get too hot and it isn't heavy. Why not incorporate your costume into your hat and make it something to keep the sun off you and your pack?

Here are some ideas we've compiled to get you started. But of course, be prepared to think outside the box and come as something else if you'd prefer.

  • Pack of cards (team)
  • Tinkerbell
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Aladdin
  • Peter Pan
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Pinocchio
  • The Muffin Man
  • Snow White and the dwarves
  • Little Miss Muffet
  • Jack and Jill
  • Humpty Dumpty



Past Themes

Year Theme Location Hikers
1959   Rostrevor / Ashton / Woodhouse 139
1960   Adelaide Hills / Woodhouse  
1961   Adelaide Hills / Woodhouse  
1962 Colonial Venture Adelaide Hills / Woodhouse  
1963 1,000 Islands Adelaide Hills / Woodhouse  
1964   Adelaide Hills / Woodhouse  
1965 All Arabian Trek Gawler / Torrens Gorge 140
1966 Saga of the Vikings Deep Creek 160
1967 The Wild West Show Philcox Hill / Kuitpo Forest ~180
1968 The Gathering of the Clans   240
1969 Project Tauri South Coast / Yankalilla 250
1970   Eden Valley 300
1971 Krishnev Takes a Holiday Nairne/Harrogate 450
1972   Delamere  
1973 Alligator Rush Melrose  
1974 North - ?    
  South - Quest for the Golden Fleece Delamere / Tunkalilla  
1975 North - ? Williamstown  
  South - The Year of the Lash Finniss / Kuitpo Forest  
1976 North - ?    
  South - Operation Ripe Charlie Eden Valley / Mount Crawford?  
1977 North - ?    
  South - ?
Modified EV, no hiking
1978 Quest for the Holy Grail    
1979 North - ?    
  South - The Great Gangster Gadabout Hallett / Mount Bryan  
1981 Tarsus vs the Empire Mount Crawford Forest  
1982 Spy vs Spy Kuitpo Forest  
1983 Cancelled due to Ash Wednesday bushfires  
1984 Behind the Magic Mushroom
Alternative EV - multiple location bases around SA
Woodhouse and expedition locations  
1985 Victory or Death Mount Crawford Forest  
1986   Kuitpo Forest  
1987 Midnight at the Oasis Second Valley / Delamere  
1988 Alice in Wonderland (Mad Hats for Cool Cats) Clare Valley / Hallett  
1989 Magical Mystery Tour Fleurieu Peninsula  
1990 I Saved the World (Super Heroes)    
1991 The Wild Wild West    
1992 Daring Deeds on Trusty Steeds (Knights of the Round Table)    
1993 Freaked Out Flower Venture    
1994 The Saga of the Seven Seas (Pirates) Deep Creek  
1995 Chicaga Shenanigans - Roaring Twenties Venture    
1996 Space - the Final Frontier Watervale / Clare  
1997 The Sizzling Seventies Brookefield / Armstrong / Roonka 150
1998 Around the World in 80 Hours Robertstown / Burra Gorge  
1999 Fractured Fairytales Kuitpo Forest / Kangarilla  
2000 Good vs Evil Mt Bryan / Hallett  
2001 2001 A Space Oddity Deep Creek  
2002 Mobsta Mayhem Mt Crawford Forest  
2003 Middle Earth Madness Kuitpo Forest  
2004 Action Figure EV - The Toybox Rebellion Mt Crawford Forest 74
2005 Dawn of the Living Dead Brookefield / Armstrong / Roonka 68
2006 Jungle fEVer Wirabarra Forest 82
2007 Motion of the Ocean Mt Bryan 82
2008 Time Trippin' Woodhouse 75
2009 World Domination Terowie (Tilkilkie) 88
2010 Fractured Fairytales Mt Crawford Forest 92
2011 Spaced Out Wirabarra Forest 44
2012 Rockin' World Tour Kuitpo Forest 69
2013 Game On! Mt Bryan East (Caroona Creek) 92
2014 Around the World in 80 Hours Mount Crawford Forest  
2015   Kuitpo Forest  
2016 Bush Bashed Bundaleer Forest, (Bundaleer North, near Jamestown).  
2017 Lost at Sea Mt Bryan East (Caroona Creek)  
2018 Happily nEVer After Mount Crawford  


Help us compile this list! If you have an addition or a correction to the list above, then please email easterventure@sa.scouts.com.au

Contributions by: Graham Hill (former BC Senior Scouts & EV Originator), Michael Woodward, Minky Cockshell, Julian Stone, John Rockliff, Amanda Taylor, Julia McTier, Greg Roberts, Bruce Leibhardt, Janette Leibhardt, Bob Ellis and Sandy Ellis.

List last updated 07/01/2018