EV 2018 - Happily nEVer After

Easter Venture is a team event and participants are required to hike in a team of four to seven people. The minimum of four participants per team will be strictly applied for your safety. All members of the team must stay together.



How To Apply

All participants (Youth Members, Leaders, Rovers and Support Staff) must register online.

Venturers can register as a team, join an existing team, or register as an individual.

Applications now open - Apply online now



Individual Registration

Register screen
Registration screen

To register as an individual, choose 'individual' at the start of the application process and proceed through the steps.

You will need to select your team preferences (see below) when filling out the application form.

  • Day Pack - Easy
  • Day Pack - Medium
  • Day Pack - Hard
  • Full Pack - Easy
  • Full Pack - Medium
  • Full Pack - Hard


Team Registration

Create a team
Create a team

When choosing team registration, you can either select an existing team that another Venturer has created by typing in part or all of the team name, or create a new team.

Join a team
Join a team


Completing your registration

You can then select what type of ticket you would like. For example, if you were purchasing two Venturer tickets, and one Venturer wanted to do the Initiative Activity components, the ticket selection would look like the picture below.

You then follow the process of filling out the application form, completing payment at the end of this step.

A completed Parent Advice Form (Y4) or Standard Application (A4) will also need to be filled out and emailed to easterventure@sa.scouts.com.au, as we still need a physical signature to indicate parental consent.

Y4 - Youth Member form (pre-filled) A4 - Adult Member form (pre-filled)




Ability: All Participants need to be competent in the Outdoor Skills required by the Venturing Skills Award or its equivalent.

Age limit: All youth members participating in EV must be 14 or above before Friday 30 March 2018 and under 18.

Verification: During the application process, you will need to provide a contact email address for your Venturer Leader. This is so that we can verify your eligibility requirements. Applications are not accepted until this step is confirmed.


Time Line

Sunday 4 March 2018Venturer - early bird applications close
Sunday 18 March 2018Venturer - normal applications close
Tuesday 20 March 2018Adults (camping) - applications close
Wednesday 28 March 2018Adults (NOT camping) - applications close
Good Friday (30 March 2018)EV2018 starts at 7:30am at College Park Scout Hall
Easter Monday (2 April 2018)EV2018 concludes at 1:30pm at College Park Scout Hall

Any exceptions to the above dates are at the discretion of the EV Organising Committee, by contacting easterventure@sa.scouts.com.au


Fee Structure

  • Venturer Participants: $80 (early bird) or $90 (full fee)
  • Leaders: $40
  • Rovers and Supporting Adults: $20
  • Day Visitors and Non-Camping Adults: No charge

Venturer fee includes transport, camp fees and Sunday evening meal.


Refund Policy

All withdrawals and requests for refund must be in writing.

  • Withdrawal before the Closing Date: Full Refund
  • Withdrawal more than 10 days before the event: Full refund less an administration charge
  • Withdrawal 5 days or more before the event: Maximum of 50% refund, after pre-payments to suppliers have been considered
  • Withdrawal less than 5 days before the event: No refund

Exceptional circumstances will be considered by the Leader-in-Charge only.